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Friday October 27, 2023 – The World Is My Country

South Surrey Recreation and Arts Centre, 14601 20 Ave, Surrey, BC

October 27th, doors open at 6:00PM, Film starts at 6:30PM

The World is My Country

In 1971, John Lennon called on the world to “imagine there’s no countries”. Few are aware that more than two decades previously, WWII veteran Gary Davis started a movement to achieve what Lennon only implored us to imagine. Among Davis’s supporters were such notables as Albert Einstein and Albert Camus. More recently, Martin Sheen has joined in the cause.

Was Gary Davis a dreamer or might his vision prevent the nightmare so many continue to live through? Imagining no countries “isn’t hard to do,” but is making it so even possible?

Come discover the man, the movement, and a truly new world that we can be a part of.

WARNING: Watching this film may cause you to think you can change the world!

It’s the movie that is inspiring new hope! It’s the intriguing story of how one little guy, a song and dance man on Broadway, turned war guilt over bombing civilians into electrifying action that galvanized war weary Europe and sparked a movement. A mighty movement that helped pave the way for universal human rights and a uniting of the nations of Europe!

Now this film can help inspire the people of the world to do something even grander. It’s a lost piece of history, that gives us what Martin Sheen calls: “A roadmap to a better future!”