About Us

Our vision is to raise awareness of social justice issues and inspire people to take action. Our goal is to promote films, and to provide a forum for discussion about social justice issues.
The Society

The White Rock Social Justice Film Society (WRSJFS) provides monthly screenings of documentary movies focused on social justice and activism.

The Society began in 2005 as an annual film festival under the stewardship of its founding member, Jack McLachlan, and with the support of the First United Church. In 2010 the WRSJFS was granted status as a non-profit society under the BC Society Act.

Over the past 17 years the WRSJFS has screened over 185 thought-provoking documentary films on issues including the environment, human accelerated climate change, global humanitarianism, health care, political activism, food security, water, and peace. We show films about struggles for control over people, land and resources; films about remarkable heroes and ordinary citizens who respond to challenging circumstances by mobilizing themselves and others into action. We show films that move, inform, and inspire citizens to engage in important issues.

The society works alongside and receives support from other organizations dedicated to social justice and community, including the Council of Canadians, Kairos, Amnesty International and the White Rock Arts Council.

Who we are
Board of Directors 2023, where All board decisions are decided by consensus.

Philip DeRosa, Director emeritus
Pat Higinbotham, President
Darryl Walker, Vice President
Sonya Chatterjee, Secretary
Anthony Manning, Treasurer


David Baird, Steve Chapman,
Stephen Crozier, Robert Emeny,
Niovi Patsicakis, Kain Rukario,
Muhammad Syed